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Nominally Saved

Reading a three-part Robin Phillips series on the question “Was Calvin a Nominalist?“, I came away from Part I with some reminders why I have not returned to Calvinism. I suspect I never was a Nominalist, and at a subliminal … Continue reading

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Saturday: 72nd Anniversary of Pearl Harbor bombing.

“Not a Christian view of God”?! How a new morality crushes the old From the vault: dubious educational distinction In praise of snark Sen. McCarthy’s Poetry Inquisition [Fill in the Blank], God help us Memory Eternal, Dad!

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Christianity in a radically different key

I have cited and quoted Fr. Stephen Freeman a great deal in this blog. His quiet learning and wisdom (not the same thing) have made him one of my very favorite Orthodox bloggers. With Friday as an exception (which I … Continue reading

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Sacramental Ontology

Materialism cannot explain the human person, and I suspect that it never will unless an extremely reductionist view of the human person becomes standard issue. But what if materialism is equally incapable of fully explaining (choose one) matter/nature/creation? What if … Continue reading

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