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Teachable Moments

Civil Unions by another name Distinctly Orthodox Marriage Prohibited Marriages in Orthodoxy Meanwhile, from the purveyors of stultification The Pill Did It In the Bedroom With Pleasure

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That was the week that was

Status vs. Conduct Pro Tip for Aspiring Social Scientists If marriage were only about celebrating love Doin’ what comes Naturally Begging the question Seeing the other guy’s point Bonus track

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Religious, but au courant.

More on “expanding the sacrament.” How squishy a foundation, it seems. Competing Myths (one of the two is Coming Soon).

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Lizard brains

At its most fundamental level, same-sex marriage is not about what we think about homosexuality. It is about what we think about marriage. (Maggie Gallagher) I listened Friday evening to Jonathan Rausch’s and David Blankenhorn’s discussion on The Future of Marriage, facilitated … Continue reading

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Stay off the Roof

Rachel Held Evans committed the kind of painfully protracted performance art that happens when Evangelicalism has utterly lost its sense – of decorum and of how to read scripture – and its publishing houses have become a commercial racket: Intrigued by the … Continue reading

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Defending Marriage

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held part of D.O.M.A. unconstitutional yesterday. I continue to consider traditional marriage, limited to one man and one woman (yes, I know there is polygamy in Judeo-Christian history), rational and constitutional,

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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Holiday? What shall I do with myself? Now you see it, now you don’t. Profitable nonprofits. A day in a counselor’s life.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whiffs of implicit politics, nothing explicit. Liberal Culture? “Diverse points of view” in spades. Shocking, irresponsible virgin marriages! Thank SCOTUS, Welfare Queens have the “right to choose.” Every religion loves it’s converts. Julia Child as you’ve never seen her!

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Church as “public accommodation”?

I knew the logic, so I figured it was coming. I even started writing this blog some months ago. But I was surprised to see it arrive so soon. On Wednesday, two Christian churches filed a lawsuit in Hawaii federal … Continue reading

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Tofu Tidbits* 12/8/11

Thomas Sowell: Peerless Nerd. Why Cats Drink. Human Rights. Human Lives. Why a 10-foot-pole is still too close to Newt. * Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy has some more information.

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