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Excited utterances

Pride cometh before a fall Cheap substitutes Theocrat Singapore? Pro Tip Rehab or the slammer? Dead men live

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Tasty Tidbits 8/31/11 Journalism Supplement

NYT gets a well-deserved reaming. Title of the Hatchet Job. Free speech erosion in Minnesota. Journalistic half truths.

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Missions accomplished (I think)

My July 9 announcement of likely decreased blogging has expired, so to speak. The big exam was today. My parent left the nursing home Monday. Life is sorta kinda back to normal. It’s amazing how much there is to master … Continue reading

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Tactical shift coming in Supreme Court confirmation fight?

Since Roe v. Wade was imposed on us by the Supremes 37 years ago, there has been a pervasive “abortion distortion factor”: The “Abortion distortion factor” is that phenomenon whereby when established rules of law encounter the abortion right, the … Continue reading

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