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Tasty Tidbits 8/27/11

World’s strongest hallucinogen is 152 (million?) years old today. Hurricane Irene. Fed Jackboot report. On a more hopeful note. Weighing money versus counting it. Steve Jobs on succeeding.

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Paradigm Busters

My crystal ball has never worked very well, but the part of me that longs, that aches, for something better than our Ponzi-scheme economy refuses to give up on dreams of a humane future. This sort of thing – rumored … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs again: a defender and a “third way” step back

Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal rises to the defense of Goldman Sachs, and this time it’s not half-hearted. (You knew someone would, didn’t you? Some people are just contrary.) Make no mistake: The gestalt behind the SEC case … Continue reading

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