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Friday 11/21/14

Which one of these was the Philanthropist? How the Russian Church Survived Sex and Character Preening over People Don’t worry your pretty little head “Be fruitful, gelding.” Preening over Peace Bill Cosby

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Wednesday 12/11/13

Designer gym routine Nuns and Social Workers Mandela the (yawn!) Commie Consort Cartoon Fever Transforming (yawn!) the Cosmos

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Sunday 11/17/13

Georgian Intelligentsia rebuke a meddler Lame Alec Baldwin limerick The Church of Letterman One or two cheers for (some) Evangelicalism

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Manufactured Outrage

There is a manufactured outrage circulating at Purdue University. Perhaps it was an hysterical personality, rather than actual malice, that started it. The words “White Power” were found on a mirror in the Black Cultural Center. This led to major … Continue reading

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Diana Moon Glampers lives! Chilton’s Manual for Evolved Chimps. Mumford & Sons and the Death of Church Music. The One-and-a-Half Party System. Frackin’ Followup.

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