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Wednesday 10/29/14

Too parochial to see the obvious The truth about evil Secularism’s Church Liberation from sanity Unpatriotic Conservatives Rick Perry: Stupid in Nature

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Tenth Anniversary Thoughts

The Place of Public/Civic Prayer. Great empire, little minds. S’il n’y a pas de solution … The Empire, of necessity, will end. Scott Cairns on 9/11/01 Bill Clinton at Shanksville.

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How to end abortion on demand

Clark Carlton is a politically disaffected Orthodox paleoconservative philosophy prof. He’s slipped onto my “back burner” for a while, but he lately has been making enough sense on public affairs that I was looking forward to his long-promised controversial thoughts on … Continue reading

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Right diagnosis, wrong prescription

I often like Dennis Prager’s syndicated columns, and there’s some things to like about a recent one titled “The World is a Cruel Place and if America Weakens, It Will Get Crueler.” Prager first, and pretty fairly, defends Christianity against … Continue reading

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Making dead men live

I really don’t intend to channel Fr. Stephen day-by-day. You can subscribe yourself, after all. I don’t even intend to have Orthodox testimonials as a regular feature. That’s a worthy goal, but I bring nothing unique to such efforts. But … Continue reading

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