Tasty Tidbits 7/26/11

  1. The song I can’t get out of my head Monday.
  2. Embarrassment, not national security.
  3. Another reason I’m glad for the free exercise clause.
  4. TC’s hopping.
  5. Writers Almanac on a roll.
  6. Hiatus


You never know what song will stick in your head. I could do worse than Sunday’s Matins Theotokion (Hymn to the Birthgiver of God, Mary):

O Theotokos, through you became manifest to us on earth the mystery,
which was hid from eternity, and which the Angels themselves knew not:
that God, uniting natures without confusion, becomes a man
and accepts crucifixion for our salvation voluntarily.
By virtue of this, resurrecting man whom He had first created,
He saved our souls from death.

Make that “I could do much worse ….”


The American Conservative blog surprisingly defends Julian Assange and Wikileaks on fairly plausible grounds: circumstantial evidence shows that the issue was always embarrassment, not national security.

Be that as it may, Assange still reminds me of John Hurt playing Caligula on I, Claudius.


Maybe I’m free associating, or maybe I’m making a legitimate connection. The Catholic-oriented Mirror of Justice blog speculates that the Irish proposal to require Priests to break the seal of the confessional, if a penitent confesses pedophiliac acts, is either grandstanding (“which is certainly a venerable legislative aim”) or else an attempt to sow conflict within the church in order further to weaken it.

If it’s the latter, it wouldn’t be the first time. I was surprised and challenged within the last year to read Catholic stalwart Hillaire Belloc’s version of How the Reformation Happened, wherein the rise of the modern nation state and concurrent governmental thumb on the scale lent aid and comfort to the Reformers. (This is not to say the Reformation was unwarranted, but to say that it likelier would have ended amicably had not the state thought it expedient to exacerbate matters.)

Thanks to the Free Exercise clause, nothing like that could ever happen here, right? Right?


Wish I had time to get back to Traverse City. Sigh.

Not that I’ve ever watched even one movie during the film festival (I grew up kinda fundy, and neither dancing nor flicks have ever been part of my reflexive repertoire of behaviors), but the city is even livelier and more colorful that week. (After all, Zhlub Michael Moore is a major moving force behind it.)


Writer’s Almanac has been on a roll for a few days …


And I’ll be rolling out for a few days myself, hoping to be exploring what “rails to trails” means for a bicycle, and with no commitment to blog.

Bon appetit!