Tasty Tidbits 7/25/11

  1. Orthodoxy in a nutshell.
  2. More time for Malia and Sasha.
  3. Did Rick Perry flub federalism?
  4. Gotham SSM, Day 2.
  5. Douthat on the Norwegian Bomber.
  6. Old is Green.
  7. The threat of the West.


The Department of Missions and Evangelism of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese has been running an Orthodox Elevator Speech Contest. The premise is that, say, you’re on an elevator (and you’re not a Congressman on the make, although that’s not an official part of contest rules) and someone says “Orthodox Christianity!? What’s that?!”

It’s utterly impossible to communicate the Orthodox faith in those circumstances, as the contest sponsors recognize. They were looking for

  • succinct
  • theologically accurate
  • attention grabbing

The top ten entries are at a SurveyMonkey site, but here’s a link to see them all without the voting buttons. All were quite good, but my vote was based on my assessment of the three criteria.


Noting that President Obama complains a lot — for instance, “I’m sympathetic to your view that this would be easier if I could do this entirely on my own. It would mean all these conversations I’ve had over the last three weeks, I could have been spending time with Malia and Sasha instead” — The Anchoress proposes giving him much more time with Malia and Sasha within the next 18 months.


Rick Perry proably could have explained his position on Same-Sex Marriage in New York better than he did.

Prediction: he’ll toughen his stance against SSM, even in other states, quite soon.


Speaking of SSM, it’s hard not to enjoy the sight of people having a good time, and the New York Times offers lots of photos, videos and, no doubt, heart-warming stories of the festive celebrations on yesterday’s debut of SSM in New York. It was the look of people thinking “this is the day we’ve been waiting for.” I feel for them the same way I felt for the Obama voters on election day 2008.

But the reality won’t match the expectation of “wedding day.” It seldom does for any married couple. “Happily ever after” is Hollywood, not real life.

But there’s an additional complication for gay couples, so there will come in short order demands, lawsuits, and harangues for reactionary scapegoats to do, or stop doing, something that’s leaving the happy couples less than fully happy after all — e.g., “Stop suggesting that we won’t live happily ever after! That’s mean spirited! And I’m reporting your sneaky right-wing fundamentalist hyperlinks to the thought police!”

You can write that down.


Ross Douthat, who I frequently skip any more, has some interesting thoughts on the Norwegian bomber.


Seth Elder at Front Porch Republic defends old houses (Old is Green) and waves a caution flag at gee-whiz new high-tech construction.


I bought a world-band radio 20 years ago to try to see America through others’ eyes. It didn’t really work, but AlJazeera.net is helpful, as it discusses  “Norway, Islam and the threat of the West.” (HT Mike Bennett on Facebook)

Summary: How come Islamic terrorists are treated as a fruit of Islam while Christian or Jewish terrorists are treated as isolated madmen?

I’m aware that some think that “hubris is a mark of the strong.” I’m not one of them. I’m willing to listen on just about anything, time permitting.

Bon appetit!