Tasty Tidbits 7/27/11

  1. Googling “synecdoche.”
  2. Neither Christian nor Conservative.
  3. What Breivik and Obama have in common.
  4. Make the machine stop!
  5. Ecumania.


In the most convincing and damning indictment yet, Anders Breivik is revealed to be a promiscuous plagiarist.

After reading it, you might want to Google “synecdoche,” and get your “Google doesn’t kill people; people kill people” bumper sticker.


I have lamented the hasty identification of Anders Breivik as a “fundamentalist Christian” (the journalistic call for a 2-minute Hate), but I find Bret Stephens’ denial that Breivik is Christian or conservative almost as hasty and unconvincing, notwithstanding the patina of scholarship.

His characterization of Breivik’s odd Knights Templar schtick — “What it is is millennarian (sic): the belief that all manner of redemptive possibilities lie on just the other side of a crucible of unspeakable chaos and suffering” — if anything makes the charge of Christian fundamentalism slightly more plausible, since self-identified fundamentalists tend strongly to millenarianism, and toward the notion of a literal 7-year Great Tribulation preceding it.

IMHO, we’re still waiting to find out “who (or what) Anders Breivik is,” and the one thing that appears clear is that he’s prepared to tell us in word, faux Medeival uniform, and legal theater.

And I feel like an enabler for even talking about it.


“What do Barack Obama and Anders Breivik have in common? If you don’t know they’re Christian, liberals get enraged.” So writes James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal.

He also has some salient thought on the possibility that SSM (whose proponents were heard using “The N Word” of black Mormons when protesting LDS influence on Proposition 8 in California) will push socially conservative Blacks and Latinos into the GOP as Roe v. Wade and its Democrat defenders pushed many blue collar democrats toward the GOP (I would credit – or blame – the One-Two punch of the 1972 Democrat rule changes along with the party alignments on Roe v. Wade).


We live in strange times. A pretty darned conservative website features a call for a new Mario Savio to wake up the younger generation to what his generation is doing to them.

Mario Savio was ever-so-slightly before my time (I was about 16), but this video shows that, (1)  he was really good at rabble rousing, and (2) he did it, some times at least, without a single F-bomb.


I had a really interesting dinner at my brother’s house last night.

  • Brother and his wife are conflicted ELCA Lutherans.
  • A cyber-friend from Baltimore who became a real friend stopped by on his way to a retreat or conference in Mundelein, Illinois; he’s a former ELCA pastor, now a Lutheran Church International pastor.

Seeking to create interesting table-talk, brother also invited

I tried to get the ball rolling by critiquing how the Franciscans of Reconciliation crossed from left-to-right after my brother’s “table grace,” thus marking themselves the enemy. The LCI pastor said that at ecumenical gatherings, the Orthodox and Catholics bump each other accidentally once while crossing, on purpose from then on.

Lubricate and feed a bit and let the clock work its magic.

Bon appetit!