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Liveblogging the Indiana Senate debate

I hadn’t planned to liveblog. I hadn’t even planned to watch the debate. But Dan Coats and Brad Ellsworth both just ticked me off reflexively supporting the War on Terror. Rebecca Sink-Burris is doing a bit better, but meandering – … Continue reading

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How I became Orthodox

Doug Masson, responding to this post, poses a question: So, for those of you who have made a conscious decision about a denomination or religion, I’m wondering what it was that made the sale.

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Seductive power

I think it was Henry Kissinger (but maybe it was one of his girlfriends, or maybe I’m all wet) who said “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” Modulate that up a few steps and I’ve experienced it recently.

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How will history view 11/2/10?

It seems like a done deal that November 2 is going to be a bloodbath for incumbents. How will history judge this?

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Signs for awakening

The rescue of thirty-some Chilean miners, to exclamations of “It’s a miracle!,” prompted a grumpy young agnostic of my acquaintance to say some churlish things, whereupon I replied in the same tone. We may have achieved mutual semi-comprehention, but not … Continue reading

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That dog don’t hunt

Is the Obama administration doing well on immigration and not tooting its horn loudly enough (Buchanan) or is it making a show of deporting criminals while going utterly soft on other immigrants here illegally (Thomas)?

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The Father looks from Heaven and sees me covered with wounds from the injustice of men, and says: “Do not take revenge.”

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Non erat demonstrandum

One of the pundits I usually agree with suggests that one lesson of Tyler Clementi is that sex is a big deal, 4 decades of denial notwithstanding. I disagree with her.

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“Deliver my soul”

Some thoughts from St. Nicolai Velemirovic on “bodily sin:”

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This time, it really is a wolf

There appears to have been a horrific, organized hate crime in the Bronx, but the New York Times risks trivializing it by treating it and the Rutgers tragedy as two instances of the same sort of thing.

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