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Goldman Sachs – “the other side” told persuasively

“Goldman Sachs” is not a term of endearment at my favorite websites, such as Front Porch Republic. And I have reflected my own ill-ease with such too big to fail concerns in recent weeks, as well as passing along some … Continue reading

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Is it possible better to distill Goldman Sachs than this?

J. Bradford DeLong, an economist at Berkeley, distills the Goldman Sachs allegations so thoroughly that it would be foolish for me to try to excerpt it. This is, maybe, a 5 minute read — if you’ve never cracked an economics … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs

I feel sorry for some of the people – astonishingly few – who realized what a house of cards we were living in financially two years ago and who put their money where their mouth was by short-selling. Why should … Continue reading

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