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A Few Health Care Questions

Lawyer and blogger Doug Masson blogged yesterday about “Ron Paul’s ‘Let Them Die Question.’” I’m no Wolf Blitzer, but I have a few questions of my own.

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Tasty Tidbits 9/14/11 – Exaltation of the Cross

Praised by faint damnation. Where does your coffee come from, heathen? Merry pranksters at GOP Debates? It’s hard to really chasten a stiff-necked people. Tallying post-9/11 virtue and vice. It pays to be gay. Whimsy. My lit candle for the … Continue reading

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Tactical shift coming in Supreme Court confirmation fight?

Since Roe v. Wade was imposed on us by the Supremes 37 years ago, there has been a pervasive “abortion distortion factor”: The “Abortion distortion factor” is that phenomenon whereby when established rules of law encounter the abortion right, the … Continue reading

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