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Long wars and democracy

“Long wars are antithetical to democracy.” So opens a Washington Post op-ed column by Andrew J. Bacevich. “Events of the past week — notably the Rolling Stone profile that led to Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal — hint at the … Continue reading

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The Biggest Earmark is Empire

Second of two links this morning, posted this time because I totally agree with the point of this video. Maybe I should make that “totally agree with what I (perhaps) deconstruct this video to intend.” What this video means to … Continue reading

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Right diagnosis, wrong prescription

I often like Dennis Prager’s syndicated columns, and there’s some things to like about a recent one titled “The World is a Cruel Place and if America Weakens, It Will Get Crueler.” Prager first, and pretty fairly, defends Christianity against … Continue reading

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