Wednesday 8/13/14

  1. The pornification of clothes marketing
  2. A Gospel Reading meant to sting
  3. Robin Williams
  4. Clicktivism
  5. Another existential threat to the U.S.


One of my favorite sweaters, a Mr. Rogers cardigan (but bright red), came from Abercrombie & Fitch before that was a porn magazine. Now, it seems, many more of my clothes are from a newborn purveyor of porn. A mild-mannered momblogger sounds off:

[T]he idiots in the marketing departments are so enamored of their own genitals that they think everybody else makes shopping decisions with their reproductive organs, and can’t even imagine that what a bed-hopping twenty-something with a collection of exotic STDs and less moral sense than a monkey thinks is a good idea won’t be universally appealing.  One can only imagine their shock and consternation as the Land’s End Facebook page fills up with irate posts from angry moms declaring they won’t shop with Land’s End anymore–why, how could anybody be upset that the kids opened the box with their new uniform slacks and saw the picture of a woman of obvious loose virtue advertising her only assets on the cover of a magazine as tame and family-friendly as GQ?  “But…but it was free!” one can only imagine the bright boys, girls, and people of the other 48 genders exclaiming in consternation as they put their bongs down long enough to bend their prematurely-Botoxed brows in the semblance of concern.

(And Sometimes Tea)

L.L. Bean is looking awfully good right now.


One of today’s readings is Matthew 21:28-32, and I thought again of Desire of the Everlasting Hills. 

Who is doing the will of the Father?


I could easily have skipped work Tuesday to follow links to people’s favorite Robin Williams videos. Strikingly, most of the comments were about his range and depth – his dramatic roles – not about his sometimes gut-busting funniness. You’ve seen many, so I’ll not link yet another.

Memory Eternal, or R.I.P. if you prefer.


I’d like to call attention to the horrible problem of slacktivism, and especially of clicktivism. Click if you agree.


I’ve also concluded that the proliferation of existential threats to the U.S. is an existential threat to the U.S.

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“The remarks made in this essay do not represent scholarly research. They are intended as topical stimulations for conversation among intelligent and informed people.” (Gerhart Niemeyer)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.