Friday, September 28, 2012

  1. SYATP.
  2. All in a day’s work.
  3. ECT’s United Front.
  4. A pony and flying monkeys would be nice, too.
  5. Yeats was right.


Each Fall, Alliance Defending Freedom (f/k/a Alliance Defense Fund) and others sponsor “See You at the Pole,” an anodyne “global day of student prayer … a grass roots movement” to assuage the famous and much-suppressed teen urge to pray collectively.

The locution “grass roots movement” has become a pretty good litmus test for “carefully orchestrated fund- and publicity-raising event.” SYATP certainly has become, if not exclusively, a perennial opportunity for ADF to play legal hero as the faith and freedom reverse mirror image of the ACLU – not to say we don’t need that in our contentious legal culture.

Wednesday past was it, by the way, which explains why our jails are bursting today with busted pious teens. (H/T Religion Clause)


Mona Eltahawy (that’s M O N A  E L T A H A W Y, she’s at pains to note toward the camera that conveniently was filming her; if a protester falls in a forest and there’s no camera there, it make a statement?) staged a publicity stunt by openly defacing pro-Israeli ads in the New York subway. Oh, yeah: and spray painting the sane woman who interposed her body between the idiot and the ad.

For her pains, she got herself arrested, discredited herself as a journalist, marked herself as a constitutional ignoramus on both the first amendment and the rights of an arrestee, and further fueled the même that Muslims are lawless, intolerant savages.

Great work, Mona!


The Co-Chairs of Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) applaud a Christian partnership that has born fruit. Setting aside that the partnership may have increased the militancy of secularists (it’s always hard from the armchair to distinguish correlation and causation), they aptly rehearse the areas in which a united front may have served religious freedom well.

The threats have come disproportionately from the Obama Administration. Trust me. I don’t have Obama Derangement Syndrome and I do have ConLaw cred.


The Edmonton Journal, proving that Canada is pretty much like the U.S. except colder, reports

that most of Canada’s 50-59-year-olds don’t intend to give up their current lifestyle as they enter retirement, despite falling short of their retirement savings goals.

The poll also reveals that some Canadians in their 50s are planning to carry debt into retirement with no immediate plans to pay it off, an approach that could reduce their retirement cash flow and jeopardize their plans to live the good life, said the poll which was released on Friday.

As James Howard Kunstler suggests, there’s Too Much Magical thinking. But maybe hell will freeze over in Canada first.


Yeats was right.

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Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.

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