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How Orthodox don’t (and do) read scripture

All literalisms seek to rid Scripture of its mystery. The “plain sense” in the hands of a modern reader is simply the “modern sense.” And though such literalisms may yield readings that are deeply opposed to certain modern conclusions (such as … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 8/19/11

Another public school that still don’t get the 1st Amendment. Insularity. Adam & Eve again. Chaos. Slippery slope confirmation. Nice.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/18/11

Second thoughts on Adam & Eve. As pretty as … The Barbi-ization continues. Boycotts. “Recycling” drugs?! Partying kingdom style. Forgive us our debts.

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Hymns from the Matins of Nativity

All the hymns of the Orthodox Church are remarkably rich theologically, especially in paradox and in typology. Rarely does one get the sense that the hymnographer is trying directly to play on the hearer’s emotions; any emotional “uplift” comes from contemplation … Continue reading

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Can these bones live?

Why would the Church appoint Ezekiel 37 for the Matins of Great and Holy Saturday, for cryin’ out loud?! Continue reading

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