Thor’s Day, 8/16/12

  1. Porn and Parenting.
  2. Good news, bad news.
  3. Political slurs du jour.
  4. “Things we do together.”
  5. No longer twisting in the wind?
  6. Dormition one last time.
  7. Salvation isn’t a place.


Rod Dreher lets an idiot advice columnist speak for herself about boys and porn, to devastating effect … except she’s in the New York Times, and most of her intended readers probably gobbled it up, whereas Rod’s at the American Conservative, where he also finds no kind words for the late Helen Gurley Brown, who labored at pornifying the distaff imagination as well as the male.


Good news: If I hold my head just right and put on blinders, I like what I’ve been seeing of Paul Ryan.

Bad news: I remember (all too well) liking what I saw of Dubya.

Come November, we could do worse than elect a clueless incompetent moron who sports a monocle. Then, Hogan-like, we could go about our business of undermining his operation. But that’s not one of our options. No one as harmless as Klink is running, and no one as clever as Hogan is voting.

(Jason Peters, Citizenship in Stalag 13)


I have to agree with those who find the Northern Indiana Tea Party billboard inappropriate, but I also object to Notorious Gasbag (and reputed vice president of the United States, heaven help us) Joe Biden saying Romney and Ryan are going to put people “back in chains.”


“Government” is just a word for things we do together. Like fining a woman $600/day for feeding poor kids in her neighborhood.

@MZHemingway on Twitter (expanded), citing a Philadelphia story.


He’s trying to deodorize a turd, but say this for Romney: At least he’s no longer just twisting in the wind.

(Scott Galupo at The American Conservative) I thought Romney was effective speaking Tuesday night about the depths to which Obama has sunk, in contrast to his 2008 promises. But the crowd was less impressed than I.


Yesterday was the Feast of Dormition in the Orthodox Church. I blogged briefly about it. Fr. Stephen Freeman blogged beautifully about it. But this hymn may say it best of all:

All of creation rejoices in Thee, O Full of Grace,
the assembly of angels and the race of men.
O sanctified temple and spiritual paradise,
the glory of virgins,
from whom God was incarnate and became a child.
Our God before the ages,
He made thy body into a throne,
and thy womb He made more spacious than the Heavens.
All of creation rejoices in thee,
O Full of Grace, glory to thee!

Thanks to Fr. Stephen for reminding me of the hymn.


(Father Matthew Harrington via Rod Dreher)

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