War on Stuff

Our tax dollars are hard at work, buying just about all the civilization I think I can stomach.


Dubya promised we’d eradicate tyranny from the world. After 10 years and $440 Billion American tax dollars, Afghanistan finally is free from the tyranny of Christian churches, which have been completely eradicated.

Good work, Team America!


J. Edgar Hoover lives!

The FBI has spent an unknown amount to ludicrously speculate that libertarian “Justin Raimondo,” of the website Antiwar.com, is a pseudonym for some “threat to National Security,” not to mention an “agent of a foreign power.” Raimondo is offended as much by the bumbling incompetence as by the slander.

Are you feeling safer yet? Can you say “Keystone Kops“? Or “Barney Fife“? Or Agent Phillips and Agent Barnhill?

Listening to the übersober Mars Hill Audio Journal (Volume 109, Track 4 – William Cavanaugh, on how the modern state is a unique kind of political entity, inviting a new kind of idolatry), I chuckled at interviewee’s uncharacteristically colorful description of the government as a protection racket, along these lines:

Dat’s a nice little bidniss you got dere, Mr. Teetotaler. It’d be a real shame if anyting bad happened to it, y’know. Me’n’Guido here will watch it for you for a price. Tink of it as “da price of civilization.”

If you’re not feeling scared after the visit of Vinnie and Guido, you haven’t been paying attention to the enemies they they name. Some of the enemies are rumored to be actual enemies (of varying fearsomeness). Others, not so much.

But by all means watch out for Justin Raimondo.


Your tax dollars at work, yet again.

Agent Phillips only had opportunity to get a little nookie from Agent Barnhill when they were afield working on a case involving Mr. Vidrine. So the Vidrine case became very important, requiring lots of exacting field work, over, golly, five years (and many, many blissful nights).

A sort of justice has been done. Agent Phillips’ employer, the EPA, now has a $1.7 million judgment to pay Vidrine for malicious prosecution.

Thank goodness it was EPA instead of someone investigating capital offenses.


Meanwhile, in Ukraine, judges have sentenced Former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko

to seven years’ imprisonment and a $190 million fine, reportedly at the instigation of President Viktor F. Yanukovich.

The charge involved Timoshenko in 2009 agreeing at the negotiating table to pay Russia too much for natural gas.

* * * * *

If it’s “too big to fail,” break it up into harmless little pieces.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

Bon appetit!

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