Memo to myself

You didn’t figure it out for 48 years
and then it took a few more years to figure out
that figuring it out wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
So have patience, old man
with all the young whippersnappers of the world.
Either they aren’t idiots
or you were an idiot, too.

3 thoughts on “Memo to myself

  1. Thanks for having patience with us whippersnappers. But, I would point out, that the two options aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

  2. In any event, though, one of the “coming of age” lessons we all ought to learn at some point is that “being clever” isn’t the same as “being wise.”

  3. Actually, I was an idiot. I probably still am. Testosterone-crazed idiocy is different from age-and-experience crazed idiocy, though.
    I’m getting comfortable with such questions being “above my pay grade” — tutored, in some instances, from unlikely sources.

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