Dark psychic forces

This morning, I read and excerpted Glenn Lourie, lamenting in the New York Times how Donald Trump again baited the Democrats into embracing someone (Al Sharpton) who will prove a political drag and, in Sharpton’s case, is genuinely and unrepentantly evil to boot.

Then I found that Rod Dreher had noticed that column, too, and weaved it into second-tier Democrat candidate Marianne Williamson’s evocative “dark psychic forces” debate observation:

[L]et’s not fool ourselves: Trump, like Sharpton and his identity-politics-besotted enablers in the Democratic Party and the left-wing establishments, are trafficking in “dark psychic forces.” For years in this space, I have warned that leftist identity politics are summoning demons. So is Donald Trump. People like to say that it’s too bad Tom Wolfe has died, and isn’t around to chronicle the identity-politics insanity of 2019 America, but it’s becoming clearer that what’s going on isn’t really something that satire can deal with appropriately; we need a new Dostoevsky.

… Hannah Arendt tells us that cultivating hatred of others was key to the success of 20th-century totalitarianism. Put that way, it’s a banal observation, but when you read Arendt, you see how totalitarianism — a system in which dissent is impossible — requires unifying people through hatred of the Other.

Dark psychic force? You’d have to be a fool not to see it. And you’d have to be completely self-deceived to think that only one side has a monopoly on it. I get extremely nasty comments all the time here on this blog — comments that none of you ever see, because I spike them. There is no difference at all in the vitriol from extremists of the left and the right. I believe the capacity for this kind of hatred exists within every human heart. What we are losing is the sense that it is a destructive passion to be resisted.

Rod Dreher, Marianne Williamson: Holy Fool (emphasis added)

I have nothing to add except “read it all” and “resist nurturing hatred in yourself.” Hating the haters among your adversaries won’t cut it.

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