Saturday, December 22, 2012

    1. Christmas Banned in Boston.
    2. Edifying.
    3. Unedifying.


A challenge to those who want to “keep Christ in Christmas” but have no interesting in keeping “Mass” in Christmas – for convenience, let’s call those folks “typical low Protestants”: where in the Bible do you find any indication that we should celebrate Christ’s birth with a feast day?

A big H/T to Kevin Seamus Hasson (who’s writing “old news” from Massachusetts)


If Middle Earth is just a bit too intense for you, settle back and enjoy Archimandrite, with English subtitles.

Warning: Contains scenes of the aftermath of vandalism to the monastery and of bees freezing to death.

Or you might prefer a TEDx talk on icons.

The TEDx talk, while it took much less time to make than the film, strikes me as particularly courageous, if not foolhardy. It’s so hard to talk about visual art, let alone to talk, in 18 minutes no less, about something so central to Orthodoxy. I have no idea on how to have done it better.


Not all graphic art is as edifying as icons. Parallel story.

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Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.