Weirdsday, 10/31/12

    1. Weird 1
    2. Orality, the New Testament, and Holy Tradition.
    3. Weird 2
    4. This Old Farm.



C’mon! Don’t be bashful!

The same reasons Darrell Bock cites for the reliability of the Gospels apply to Holy Tradition generally. Not only did the same sort of process apply to the what the Apostolic Fathers (those who knew the Apostles) were taught (“traditioned”), but the teachings were committed to writing in the services of the Church.

Scripture is vital, but “sola scriptura” is, ironically, unbiblical (in addition to common arguments for it being versions of what Bock debunks).



As I said, Community-Supported Agriculture cheers me up. Here’s a rising local example, whose open house I’d like to attend. Maybe you would, too.

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Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.

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