Lord’s Day, August 12, 2012

  1. Womynpriests?
  2. Ban the KKK (and all the other haters, too)!
  3. Vice into virtue, conservative edition.
  4. Wordplay.


Frederica Matthewes-Green has an uncommonly good discussion of the non-issue of women’t ordination in the Orthodox Church, which I somehow missed 68 months ago when it first appeared. The article is chock full of surprising good sense, above Frederica’s usual high average.


It’s a good thing that the University of California President is a First Amendment scholar. He has rebuffed calls for a hate speech code ostensibly targeting the KKK while really targeting people who dissent on Zionism, and setting the stage to nail:

Harsh condemnation of Islam, condemnation of pro-Palestinian violence, arguments against homosexuality or same-sex marriage, calls for crackdowns on illegal immigration, condemnation of abortion, and more: All these could potentially be covered by a “prohibit[ion]” of “hate speech on campus.”

Most universities, free speech would be suppressed because liberals just love paying civil rights attorney fees to FIRE (H/T Eugene Volokh)


Liberals aren’t the only ones who engage in the “transvaluation of values.” Some populist conservatives transform the vices of sloth and gluttony into conservative virtues. It could even have become a sideshow had Mitt Romney picked Chris Christie for Veep.


H/T Brandon Lyda on Facebook

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