Thursday, August 2, 2012

  1. Conservatism: “high church” and “low church.”
  2. Legendary TV, 1968.
  3. Introversion, individualism, Plague.
  4. Ain’t gonna study war no mo.
  5. One more drought silver lining.
  6. The reasons for partisanship.


Edmund Burke might not like what American conservatism has become. With its devotion to abstract rights, democracy, and perpetual growth, the American Right today looks more like a stepchild of Thomas Paine than an heir to the author of Reflections on the Revolution in France. But Burke would recognize the conservative movement’s rhetoric of liberty, its anti-elitism, and its alienation from institutions of authority. Those are the hallmarks of a disposition Burke described as “the dissidence of dissent, and the protestantism of the Protestant religion.” In 1775, that was how he characterized the creed of Britain’s rebellious New England colonies. Today, those words apply to the faith of many in the Republican Party’s base.

Low church conservatism … is readily described … [I]t values faith over works—what counts is the character of a politician and the intentions behind his actions, not the outcome of his policies …

[It] retains the anti-clericalism of its religious counterpart. This entails a pervasive anti-elitism …

A third trait is a tendency toward cultural separatism …

Fourth is a belief that the eschaton is imminent (if not immanent) …

Fifth, and most important, right makes might …

What Would Burke Do? The Neglected Tradition of High Church Conservatism.


Buckley told the network he’d be on with any liberal except Gore Vidal, so the network, of course, slipped Vidal in on him. This was the legendary result.


I’m pretty clearly an introvert. My wife doesn’t wear me out, though. Maybe that because she’s an introvert, too? As a matter of fact, I can endure laconic people quite well.

But is introversion a euphemism for something less neutral? Is it a legacy of Malthus or, even deeper, of the Bubonic Plague, when what scant safety could be had was purchased with not-so-splendid isolation? That’s not really the point of this homily by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon,  but it’s part of the story he tells of how white atomistic individualist culture, the least normal culture in the world, grew from the Black Death.


People buying chicken sandwiches isn’t normally the top of the 6 pm news. It was tonight on local TV-18, which covered it with its usual rigor. 😉

They say, wistfully, that Orthodoxy is the best-kept secret in America. Today proved our invisibility. It’s the first day of the Dormition (Catholic “Assumption”) Fast, one of 4 major fasts in the liturgical year. We do not eat poultry when observing the fast with any seriousness at all.

It will come to no surprise to regular readers that I’m a Same-Sex Marriage Skeptic, but even had it not been for the Fast, I don’t know if I’d have gone out of my way, and waited in long lines, to fly my colors in the so-called culture wars, having so recently sworn off it again.

Ain’t gonna study war no mo.


Drought and heat silver lining #3 (##1&2  were the Wabash running clear and no mosquitos): Indiana’s famous wine industry 😉 is expecting really, really good grapes.


Pro-“choice” America is all-in for abortion-on-demand. It resists every possible restriction on the abortion license, even those regulations on the abortion industry that protect women’s health, because it fears that one hard tug on one loose thread will unravel the entire legal structure created since Roe vs. Wade … [I]f that means that your local Planned Parenthood clinic is subject to less legal and medical regulation than your local McDonald’s, so be it.

The Reasons for Partisanship.

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