Tofu Tidbits* 11/21/11

  1. Herbert Hoover’s history
  2. God’s humanity occasions our divinity.”

* Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy has some more information.


Wow. I had no idea that for 20 years, ending shortly before his death, Herbert Hoover studied, wrote, revised, rewrote, and rewrote a history of World War II and its aftermath. If a book blurb from the publisher leaves you cold, whet your appetite with this.


The Christian Century, reasoning that “[s]logan-length summations are crucial to any movement,” asked “a bunch of theologians, pastors and others to take a crack at it. We asked them both to summarize the gospel in seven words and to expand on this in a few sentences.”

Poet Scott Cairns takes a unique stab at it:

Christ’s humanity occasions our divinity.

According to both Irenaus and Athanasios, God became like us so that we might become like God. Clement observes that through obedience one “becomes a god while still walking in the flesh.” Cyril avers that as we are called “temples of God and even gods, so we are.” Gregory Naziansus admonishes us: “Become gods for His sake.” The consensus of the church fathers and mothers is that the purpose of Christ’s coming is to endow us with life, divine life, endlessly becoming. Good journey!

William H. Willimon also does admirably. There are other responses, too, some pretty good, some pretty lame.

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