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Indiana’s Marriage Amendment

The Indiana House yesterday passed HJR 6, an Resolution to amend the Indiana Constitution on the topic of marriage. I have misgivings.

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The Finance “industry”

I’ve been obsessing a bit about plutocracy. “The American Interest” magazine’s current issue is devoted to the topic. Yet there are some oddities that give me pause.

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Stopping START

Republicans in Congress and the conservative movement are capable of dissenting from bipartisan foreign policy consensus, but only when it would be the most foolish and harmful to do so. Bipartisan consensus on foreign policy is very often destructive and … Continue reading

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Declaration of Independence

Something in me snapped — or “a little light went on” — at George W. Bush’s Second Inaugural Address. “Self,” I said to myself. “This man is talking certified, 100%, gold-plated bilge water. And that’s not unusual. They all talk that way.”

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9th Commandment Watch

“$200 million a day”

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The Elections

Two pundits write of the election tomorrow. James Howard Kunstler says “It’s really too late for both parties. They’re unreformable.” “Conservative” Carol Platt Liebau says she’s going to vote straight Republican and gives 6 pretty lousy reasons she insists are “good”.

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