Learning from leakers

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This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.

Anonymous senior official in the Trump administration writing an editorial in the New York Times that’s quickly becoming a litmus test.

This column tells us nothing about President Pinball we didn’t already know, although some sycophants may have buried their knowledge awfully deep down inside.

But I’m encouraged that there may be more adults in the room than I thought (I knew there were a few), trying to serve the nation’s best interests. They think those interests don’t include the Constitutional crisis of a 25th Amendment coup d’etat, and I tend to agree. (Frankly, I recall hearing no good case for 25th Amendment removal of Trump — on balance, factoring the bad as well as the obvious good — though I’ve heard a lot of people venting about it.)

The grownups do not include, so far as I can tell, the Vichy Republicans of Congress, nor guys like Mike Braun, who wants to replace Joe Donnelly in the Senate. Braun literally promised to “back the President — every time” (my best recollection of audio, including the emphasis). I checked out of the Hotel Republifornia 13 years ago, but I still don’t want to live under the Democrats’ unchecked platform planks, so the GOP needs fixed for the sake of healthy two-party rivalry again some day.

That leads me reluctantly to hope for the GOP to get “a 2 x 4 up side the head” in November, ideally losing the House (which has the power to impeach) while keeping the Senate (which gives advice and consent on judicial nominees).

And that leads to a weird secondary hope.

I think we’re going to crash again, and everyone knows we’re due, by conventional measures, for a “correction” in the economy.

So please God, if it’s coming soon, let it come a few weeks before November 6, not after, to wipe the undue smirks off Republican faces and to swing some voters away.


Rarely have I so quickly rued anything I’ve written as I’ve rued this.

I complain about people overlooking unintended (but foreseeable) consequences when they act in government, but this anonymous OpEd carries a huge payload. Just a few of many comments that have made me sheepish.

What the hell good did he expect this article to do, for the country? The author must have known it’d make Trump utterly wild and he’d quadruple down on hunting leakers and not trusting his advisors – so if the author really believes what he’s doing is necessary, why has he gone public knowing that this article will provoke Trump in such a way as to make this ‘management’ much harder?


Unfortunately, staffing was always going to be a major headache for Trump, or anyone with a policy platform different from the beltway uniparty globalist consensus (such as Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ron/Rand Paul, Ralph Nader, or even, I suspect, Bernie Sanders). The intersection of the Venn diagram circles of people remotely plausible to hold all these government positions and who could get through the Senate and who are ideologically on board with Trump’s agenda is very narrow. People have no idea how many people a President has to appoint, to say nothing of all the civil service and career military in government.


So I do take comfort that there are adults in the room, but I’m thinking the Anonymous OpEd was pretty juvenile in the sense that an impulsive arson at the Reichstag might be.

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