Memo to Guys

Memo to guys:

Yeah, I know you’re hot stuff. I know women like to be flattered and like to flirt. They’re really not all that much more monogamous than men. All of them. Doesn’t matter if they’re married or conspicuously religious.

Especially with guys who are really hot like you, not gross like Harvey Weinstein. They want you. They want you really bad.

But could I ask a wild hypothetical question? What if we’re wrong about that?



* * * * *

“Liberal education is concerned with the souls of men, and therefore has little or no use for machines … [it] consists in learning to listen to still and small voices and therefore in becoming deaf to loudspeakers.” (Leo Strauss)

There is no epistemological Switzerland. (Via Mars Hill Audio Journal Volume 134)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.