Sophomoric humor from IN-GOP

The Indiana Republican Party continues sending me email under the illusion that I still care what they think (not that I’m a Democrat, mind you). Today’s mail brought this sophomoric gem:

Joe Donnelly may have Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and the liberal media in his back pocket, but we’ve got his domain name.


Thanks to the overwhelming response from Charter Members of the Defeat Donnelly Fund, your Indiana Republican Party secured:

That’s right – we own!


While that’s a great start, we can’t slow down our efforts to Defeat Donnelly and put a solid conservative voice in the United States Senate.


If you haven’t donated to the Defeat Donnelly Fund yet, this is your best chance. For the next 48 hours, we will accept a new crew of Charter Members for those donating $100, $50 or $25.


Now, the question is…what should we do with Reply with your ideas!

* * * * *

“The truth is that the thing most present to the mind of man is not the economic machinery necessary to his existence; but rather that existence itself; the world which he sees when he wakes every morning and the nature of his general position in it. There is something that is nearer to him than livelihood, and that is life.” (G.K. Chesterton)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.