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  1. Shake the dust from those Parisian shoes
  2. “You’re all idiots.”
  3. Trump’s favorite dictators


Natalie Probst is a photographer in Chicago.  She recently photographed a same-sex wedding of Justin and Adam at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and she was so pleased with the results that she blogged about it. It came to my attention through a friend in Chicago.

Elsewhere in Chicagoland are photographers who, approached by Justin and Adam, might want to respond “I’m sorry. I don’t have the artistic vocabulary for celebrating SSM. You’d be better off going to someone who’s excited by this new thing — maybe Natalie Probst.”

Why, in a world that includes Natalie Probst and others like her, would a “Justin and Adam” couple ever reply “You’re just saying that because you’re a Christianist bigot. We want you to photograph our wedding and we’ll see you in court if you refuse”?

Shake the dust from those Parisian shoes and move on, folks.



Trump’s favorite dictators: In reviled tyrants, GOP nominee finds traits to praise

(Headline of Washington Post Story) My reaction is conveniently given voice further into the story:

“This follows a disturbing trend of Trump relating to the way brutal tyrants executed policy in their countries. I do think that there’s something dark about Trump’s view of the world,” said Republican strategist Tim Miller, a former Jeb Bush aide who has played an active role in the anti-Trump movement. “When a person running for president continually compliments brutal, undemocratic dictators and their methods, I think it’s fair to have some concerns that those are methods that they might be interested in deploying if necessary.”

With the exception of “if necessary,” that sounds about right, which is one of the reasons I cannot vote for him.

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