Christopher Hitchens

Everyone seems to be lamenting the death of Christopher Hitchens. Some excerpts.

Mark Shea:

I will add this (since [Douglas] Wilson’s Calvinism forbid him from praying for the dead):

Father, grant Hitchens the grace of eternal life through Christ our Lord. Forgive him all his sins and find some way, through his love of honesty and scorn for BS, to sneak through some crack in his armor and let him see your face in the Christ who is truth. I don’t know how you might do that, but I do ask that he not be lost, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Remember our brother Christopher, who bears forever the mark of baptism, the next time you go to Mass. He needs all the prayers he can get.

(Yes.  I’m aware of his faults.  One of them was an eagerness to speak ill of the dead when it was wrong to do so.  Do not imitate him in the comboxes, please.)

Daniel McCarthy:

I had read more polemic against Hitchens than of Hitchens himself until I picked up a copy of his Thomas Jefferson: Author of America and found myself compelled to recognize him as a writer first and ideologue a distant second — the only way any essayist of first rank should be evaluated. Read him, even if you shouldn’t believe him.

Mollie at GetReligion:

Many people have been noting that though they didn’t agree with him on many things, they grieve his death. Well, obviously. Not only did he change his mind rather dramatically on some seminal issues of our day, he was a through-and-through contrarian. If you agreed with him on too much, I’d suggest — in the words of Ed Koch — you seek a psychiatrist. Speaking as an anti-war, libertarian Lutheran … I’m not really sure I agreed with him on anything. But who cares? The man could write. An amazing prose stylist with devastating wit. A master.

Christopher Buckley, quoted by Mollie, above:

One of our lunches, at Café Milano, the Rick’s Café of Washington, began at 1 P.M., and ended at 11:30 P.M. At about nine o’clock (though my memory is somewhat hazy), he said, “Should we order more food?” I somehow crawled home, where I remained under medical supervision for several weeks, packed in ice with a morphine drip. Christopher probably went home that night and wrote a biography of Orwell. His stamina was as epic as his erudition and wit.

I don’t think it’s over, nor do I expect to channel these forever. You surely can find them if you’re interested.

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  1. Mark Hanchett says:


    I am deeply moved by the sweetness of Mark Shea’s prayer that you have linked to. Perhaps you know that arresting clause in one of the prayers in the BCP in which we pray for “…those whose faith is known to you alone…” From it, I have learned more about the generosity of God.

    • readerjohn says:

      I didn’t know that BCP prayer, but there is much insanity calling itself “Christianity.” The thought is not original with me, but rejecting such insanity, while admiring Christ, may be to the everlasting credit even of one who, in frustration, calls himself “atheist” or “agnostic.”
      Anyway, it’s above my pay grade to declare Hitchens damned.

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