Tofu Tidbits* 1/28/11

  1. Sharp-dressed men.
  2. Post-peak living.
  3. Making a federal case of it.
  4. Spend it or save it?

* Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy has some more information.


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American Life After Peak Oil


Perhaps you had heard about the bizarre Amish cult and its attacks on other Amish. Perhaps not.

It didn’t seem worth blogging about until someone literally made a federal case of it, on the sort of flimsy grounds that illustrate how the national government now can do pretty much anything it wants.


From the teaser at one of the web aggregators I frequent, I was prepared to hate Spend It or Save It?, and to blog against it. But the book review’s author, Megan McArdle, considers the consumerist cheerleader’s book seriously flawed by its ignoring of the need for capital formation and almost total reliance on consumption as an economic driver instead. So I’ll give it a qualified recommendation.

I’ll amplify McArdle by saying that while we can quibble about how much savings (capital formation) is needed, it should be obvious that consumerism fits the Categorical Imperative not at all. This is one of the obvious truths I write from time to time so I can, after The Collapse, have the grim pleasure of saying “I told you so.” Goodness knows, I’ve missed some obvious truths in my day.

I’m definitely sanding by my standing advice that “You have no obligation to buy stuff you don’t need for the sake of the economy” and “No nation ever got rich selling each other burgers, Girl Scout Cookies, and raffle tickets.”

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