Blogging hiatus

Speaking of my blogging hiatus (here and here), my study for “the big exam” is going well and my Friday evening is “lazy” because I finished my major “to dos” this week.

Finishing the “to dos” is a notable accomplishment for me. I tend to have so many irons in the fire that it’s hard even to track the “to dos.” But a bit over a month ago, I stumbled back onto something I’d heard about years ago, and this time it made sense to me: Basecamp from 37Signals.

Basecamp is cloud-based, simple but very useful, project management. Simple is important. I really didn’t have time to climb a steep learning curve in hopes of finding a management Guru on the mountaintop. I got a 30 day free trial. By the end of 30 days, I was managing enough projects to almost need a move to their second pricing tier.

For me, with multiple clients in my profession, but a fairly narrow focus and a pattern that fits many clients, project management templates (rules-based tasks) makes a lot of sense:

  • Day 1 minus 7: Talk to client, set appointment, send engagement letter and questionnaire.
  • Day 1: Initial consultation.
  • Day 15: Complete a written plan for the client with, if possible, a fixed fee to carry it out.
  • Day 22: Receive engagement letter for written plan yet?
  • Day 36: Complete the work product for the client?
  • etc.

Client doesn’t get the engagement letter back by day 22? No problem. Redate that milestone and all later milestones move automatically (if you wish).

You can see how it works at the website. No sense reinventing that wheel.

Kudos to 37Signals. I’m considering another of their products after my upcoming exam. I’ll not promise a posting on it because I don’t mean to turn this into a techie site.