Iconography – Saint Alexis Orthodox Church


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I am a retired lawyer and an Orthodox Christian, living in a collapsing civilization, the modern West. There are things I'll miss when it's gone. There are others I won't. That it is collapsing is partly due to calculated subversion, summarized by the moniker "deathworks." This blog is now dedicated to exposing and warring against those deathwork - without ceasing to spread a little light.
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2 Responses to Iconography – Saint Alexis Orthodox Church

  1. Jim Rheinwald says:

    What beautiful paintings! Were they all there at Jason’s wedding–the only time I was there? Or is this a new church? Jim

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  2. readerjohn says:

    We served our first Liturgy in this new Church in December, 2014. It was finally consecrated June, 2019.
    When we moved in, the only icons were those of the icon screen and the small ones mounted on boards. All the others, on the walls permanently, are by the hand of Fr. Jerome Sanderson, who because of illness will be able to do no more of our iconography.
    I took the photos today to capture this pivot-point between Fr. Jerome and whoever his successor may be.

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