My new tribe

I just took the Hidden Tribes Survey, feeling a heckuva lot of ambivence about some of the questions.

When I finished, it assigned me to the tribe “Moderates.”

After 71 years of life mostly identifying as conservative, that’s a surprise, but thinking about the reasons for my ambivalence, this came to mind upon my big “Tribe Reveal”:

Well when events change, I change my mind. What do you do?

Paul Samuelson, December 20, 1970.

Be it noted that Hidden Tribes isn’t testing directly for politics, though I assume there’s some correlation between temperamental tribe and political expression.

* * * * *

The Lord is King, be the peoples never so impatient; He that sitteth upon the Cherubim, be the earth never so unquiet.

(Psalm 98:1, Adapted from the Miles Coverdale Translation, from A Psalter for Prayer)

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