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I usually hear this sort of thing from the GOP:

People need to learn the difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy. You want to tear Hillary Clinton down? Great. Then enjoy President Trump.

(Bill Maher, quoted by Charles Blow) But how can he support Hillary? She’s even got a “southern strategy.”

Hillary Clinton’s Southern strategy paid off with a resounding win in South Carolina on Saturday, positioning her to sweep the region against Bernie Sanders.

That’s the opener in Adeel Hasan’s daily briefing in the New York times, billed as “what you need to know to start your day.” One of the things she thought I needed to know Monday is that Donald Trump “hasn’t disavowed the support of the white nationalist David Duke.” I thought that was pretty lame, but apparently he was asked about them point blank and said he didn’t know enough to disavow.

But “Trump voters don’t care.


Why should I trust a guy to “make America great again” when his own idea of greatness is a gleaming casino or a fake “University”?

And all Trump’s people said “Trump voters don’t care.


The collapse of the GOP in 16 David Frum Tweets.

And all Trump’s people said “Trump voters don’t care.


I was talking with a Catholic friend today about the near-collapse of the Catholic Church after Vatican II. He said, reasonably enough, that it the Church and Catholic society had been healthy, it would not have fallen apart, and certainly not so quickly. I think something similar is the case for the GOP. For me, the aha moment was when Trump trashed the Iraq War on the South Carolina debate stage. Yeah, he was unfair in some of the accusations he made, but the most astonishing thing about it was that 13 years have gone by, and still, it’s taboo for GOP presidential candidates to criticize that disastrous war.

That is not a party with a brain …

Unless there’s a major turnaround for Rubio or Cruz on Tuesday, that’s going to be the day that the Republican Party as we have known it dies. As I’ve said before, it will have been a suicide. Again, David Frum explains it in a few short tweets. Me, I cannot think of a more symbolic moment in this regard than the Republican presidential candidates, except for Trump, being unable to say the Iraq War was a mistake.

(Rod Dreher)

Seriously: How hard would it be for anyone in the GOP to say “The Iraq war was a mistake”? You don’t even have to say “A Republican administration lied us into it.” It was a mistake because it destroyed a functioning state and left things worse than if we’d refrained. This isn’t a difficult concept.

And all Grover Norquist’s people said “Real Republicans® don’t care! Let’s cut taxes!”

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“In learning as in traveling and, of course, in lovemaking, all the charm lies in not coming too quickly to the point, but in meandering around for a while.” (Eva Brann)

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