Tofu Tidbits* 12/5/11

  1. Gravening up some Crèche action.
  2. Praying for others.
  3. Uniqueness and conformity.

* Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy has some more information.


It’s Advent, so you know what that means.

Yup. Some of the “Four Bare Walls and a Sermon” bunch, sworn enemies of graven images, are gravening themselves up some Crèche action, if not on the courthouse square, then in their own yards.

A shameless public display of graven images.

I had pitchers of doggy and kitty ceramic nativity scenes, among others, but they wuz copyrighted, and me being an orificer of the law, it just didn’t feel right posting them.

I don’t mean to be mean-spirited or nuthin’, but since me and mine get indicted for idolatry by some of these same people on account of our icons … well, I’m just sayin’.


When we pray for other people we should say, “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.”

Say, ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,” and you will always have others in your mind.  We are all children of the same Father; we are all one.  And so, when we pray for others, we say, “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,” and not, “have mercy on them.”  In this way we make them one with ourselves.

Elder Porphyrios (brought to my attention by a limited circulation e-mail).


“The insistence that I’m unique is a form of conformity.” Jean Bethke Elshtain, via Mars Hill Audio Journal.

* * * * *

Bon appetit!

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