Why Sarah Palin has no political future

Daniel Larison, my kind of conservative, trenchantly reviews why Sarah Palin is a dead end:

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“… Palin admirers have the strangest habit of finding new and demeaning ways to insult the object of their admiration. Here is Lee again:

In attacking Obama, conservatives get the sense that Palin is punching fearlessly up in her weight class and they find her more endearing because of it [bold mine-DL].

In other words, everyone including her admirers acknowledges that Palin is outclassed by Obama in every area of actual policy knowledge and understanding, but her admirers like that she doesn’t let this get in the way of launching her attacks. She may be a lightweight, but at least she punches above her weight! She is completely out of her depth, but she’s scrappy! This is supposed to be a compliment?…”

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I have voted in every Presidential election of my adult life. Were the Republicans to nominate Palin, I would surely cast my vote for a Third Party candidate.

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