Tasty Tidbits 9/4/11

  1. A couple of political quotes.
  2. Guess who’s 13 today?
  3. Friendly warnings.
  4. Forensic philosophy.
  5. Un-random acts of kindness.


So little of importance happened that I’m reduced to channeling a little politics.

Sarah Palin “urged voters to scrutinize Republican contenders, striking a populist tone as she warned against ‘crony capitalism’ in both parties.”

Is that from the heart, or did she assemble a focus group and find out that people are catching on to the gaming of our supposedly “free” market?

Rick Perry to Evangelical leaders: “There is nothing in my life that will embarrass you if you decide to support me for president.”

Although this item is sort of a leak from a reportedly private meeting, I find it very plausible that Evangelical leaders would ask the question to which this is Perry’s answer. The answer, of course, means “nothing in the closet of my life that will embarrass you,” which probably means “no, I’m not gay or bi.” Mitt Romney presumably can say the same thing.

Does that mean that Evangelical leaders would not be embarrassed by crony capitalism, of which charge Rick Perry may be especially susceptible?

(Both quotes from a New York Times article on GOP hopefuls starting to criticize each other instead of just Obama.)


Happy 13th Birthday, Google! (That’s right. Just 13.)


An ardent admirer of our President blogs his warning in President Barack Nikolai Rostov Obama? And Maureen Dowd throws a few caveats his way as well in One and Done?


In many churches, the content is moralistic therapeutic deism. As we become less churched, there arises moralistic therapeutic philosophy.

Does a person with bipolar disorder get a special seasonal reading schedule, sort of like a personal philosophical lectionary?

I guess Truth matters less than whether something “works for you.”


Steve Robinson at Pithless Thoughts put me onto a David Brooks column, The Rugged Altruits, that I’d missed.

I used to enjoy the slogan “Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty.” I now think that the world, and we individually, need purposeful kindness, not random.

* * * * *

Bon appetit!